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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

STAIN ON PANTS .. beware gades KL.

holla !
 now aku nak share satu story nih..tu pon mr.kesu yg share kt aku and as a girl aku nak share jugak kt perempuan2 at luar sana..
baca je jgn byk ckp eh..
luahan hati sorg mangsa.. ecehh ! -.-'

Stain on pants - Pls read & share to prevent others being victimized !

This happened in the victinity of Jalan Petaling , Jalan Cecil and Jalan Tun H S Lee.

I was at a souvenir shop at Jalan H.S Lee,Petaling Street on Tuesday evening.

A young Indian lady told me that there's a stain in my pants.
(the young indian is around 20-25 yrs old,long hair,about 160cm tall,her skin is quite fair,she's wearing t-shirt & jeans and she speaks very fluent English)

I turned back to check and found there's a red stain which looked like paint on my pants.

So this lady helped me to clear the stain from my pants, After that,i continue looking for soft toy in the shop.
Then,the lady asked me whether i want to clean the stain. I rejected her offer and told her that i'm going back home and i can clean it at home..
After that,she told me she was a teacher at a famous tuition center in KL just opposite the shop and she's waiting for her brother.

She wanted to go to toilet to wash her hands ( Her hand was dirtied when helping me to wipe away the stain) and she invited me to go to the toilet with her.
So,i followed her to the toilet to clean the stain on my pants.
She brought me to the ladies at the 1st floor of the tuition center. I took off my bag and put it on the basin so that i can clean the stain on my pants.

While i was cleaning,she took my bag and ran away.
Everything just happened in 3 minutes, I was so shock when i found out my bag and the lady was gone.
The young Indian lady left her things in the toilet and ran away with my bag.

I searched through her belongings and found a lipstick in the envelope she left.
Then,i realized that she's the one who put the red lipstick stain on my pants and pretended to help me.

I went to the tuition centre together with the police officer for investigation on the next day.
I was able to recognize the young Indian lady from the CCTV record. The security head of tuition center told me that I am the 2nd victim.

5 months ago,the same young Indian lady did the same case using same method at the same place to 1 of the student in the tuition center.

During investigation,i was told that to print out the young Indian lady's photo from the CCTV costs RM150.
The tuition center wanted me to bear the printing cost because i'm neither a staff nor a student there. I refused to bear the cost because i am the victim

I asked the police officer whether the police force can bear the cost because it's an evidence.
Guess what the police officer told me....
He told me that not to put too much hope that they will be able to catch the thief, 70% - 80% that they will not be able to catch the thief.


With all the evidence provided ( the CCTV record,the thief's belongings and her finger print was printed on the envelope she left ),the police officer told me not to put too much hope that they will be able to catch the thief.

I was so dissappointed.

So,i decided to share my experience to everyone of you.
Hopefully you will not be the next victim because the thief is still free out there.

This is her 2nd successful case,so there will be 3rd time and so on until she's caught.
The police officer told me that such cases always happen at Bukit Bintang and Low Yatt Plaza area.

So,pls be careful when you are at the area and trust no one.
Just ignore and walk away when a starnger tells you that your clothes is dirty.
Pls share my experience to your friends and family especially ladies..

Hopefully your friends and family will not be the next victim.. TQ . :)

penat aku taip semula..haha..
so beware dear girls.. :)

Sunday, 16 February 2014

little vacation wif le family..

holla ! 
pheww..dekat sebulan lebih jgklah kan tak hupdate..punyalah busy nak mampuihh bertingkek-tingkek blablabla bebel sensorang...
now 17 feb ..nothing special..
just wanna story-mory about two days ago..

15-16 feb 2014..
yeayy..have a little vacation ala-ala cuti2 perak-pahang lah konon kan..

dekat cameron highlands je pun,,dekat sangat -_-
pergi pon dua bijik kreta je,sebab family pon tak ramai..
lets the photo begin hohoho...

1st destination tp taktahu apa nama taman tu..

mak aku buat peace fuiyooo..haha..
maklang pulak pakai jubah..kemain :P

da smpai sana then check-in brinchang hotel..rm130 yg double bed & rm100 utk single bed.. abg man amik single bed utk dia & anak2 dia..konon honeymoon lg lah tuu.. :3

after da rehat&mandi2 kejap then turun bawah jenjalan cuci-cuci mata kot dapat jodoh omputih kata kauu.. :P
then pergi turun pasar malam yg "fuiy0oo besar gila"..banyak gile org duk lelong2 strawberry,setiap ceruk..then ak beli nasi kerabu utk dinner and for the 1st time aku makan nasik warna biru bbuh budu sikit ada keropok yg sedap adioss waliosss...haha gempak kan ? :P

malam tu jenjalan lg tinggal phone bawak wallet je..along pulak tinggal anak2 dekat si abg ipar..kluar 3 beradik g makan tomyam ala2 pedas nak mmpuihh.. tomyam nampak berasap2 tp bila hirup "ehh tak panas lah".. lepas makan g jnjlan pusing2 at bawah hotel tu & around 11 lebih baru lah si along teringat anak2.. -oo-"

dis is what we call strawberry ye anok2..haha..
last day there pegi lah mardi yg byk kebun2 bunga2 bagai.. rm3.00 je utk satu kepala ye anak2..yg belum bersekolah free lg tu ye anak2...
ibuk-ibuk bapak-bapak boleh bawak anak nya disini utk tunjuk buah2 & bunga2.. 

oleh itu bapak jugak ibu ku bawak anak2 serta cucunya di situ okay.. -_-

at mardi rm3 sahaja..

ala-ala ombak rindu lah konon kann..last destination is cameron valley..

hoyeahh sesaja letak pic nih...rotate kepala pliss..
cameron valley..gua nak lompat tp ramai yg tengok..tension betoi dok tengok2.. -,-''

nasihat gua jgn pegi mana2 ari sabtu&ahad sbb jalan jamed nak mmpuih...terpaksa balik ikot jalan lama utk elak jam then tak dapat last shoping..grrr..nasib da borong strwberry bebanyak wkt kt pasar malam..mak frust tak dapat beli sayur2 fresh..haha mak kann...
bababaiii..see u next month balik..gua kan retiss gua busy !!